These are the current manufacturers who sell or license the MultiValue Database under the names indicated:

  • IBM U2 Product Family – UniData, UniVerse, Redback, System Builder, MTS and wIntegrate.
  • jBASE Software – jBase
  • Ladybridge Software – QM, the low cost multivalue database for Windows and Linux. Also Universe/Unidata specialists.
  • MaVerick – an Open Source Multivalue Database Management System running initially on Linux (currently in development)
  • McDonnell Douglas (MDIS) – Reality, Reality-X
  • Northgate Information Solutions – Reality, Reality-X
  • ON Corporation – MultiValue on Oracle
  • Operating System Support, Inc. (OSS) – Ultimate, Ultimate PLUS
  • Raining Data (formerly Pick Systems) – D3/Linux, D3/AIX, D3/SCO, D3/NT, D3/Win2000, D3/PROPLUS, plus All of the former General Automation data bases! Power95, MentorPRO, mvBASE, mvEnterprise, SequoiaPRO.
  • Revelation Software – MultiValue on DOS, Windows, XP, 2000, and Web.
  • Via Systems – UniVision
  • WordMark International – MultiVerse, pcVerse. WordMark is also a vendor for UniData, UniVerse.
  • Malcolm Bull – Pick, Licensees & MultiValue systems

And here’s a listing of the various implementations of Pick systems, Pick licensees, MultiValue systems, and similar environments:Please get in touch if any are missing or any of the above-mentioned “flavors” should be expanded on.