Please bear in mind that this is a non-profit, volunteer service for the MultiValue community and your financial help is requested. To help defray the costs of establishing and maintaining this web site, vendors are encouraged to submit their logos to link to their web sites, and of course any outright donations in the way of sponsorship are gratefully accepted.

The rate for including a logo with a link is only $60 per annum and is to be paid in advance. Submissions that are sent between January and September (inclusive) should be for the current month plus the remaining months in the current year, calculated at $5 per month or partial month. Submissions sent in or after October should be for the remaining months in the current year plus the full amount for the following year. Renewals will be invoiced every November.

JAN12 x $5$60
FEB11 x $5$55
MAR10 x $5$50
APR9 x $5$45
MAY8 x $5$40
JUN7 x $5$35
JUL6 x $5$30
AUG5 x $5$25
SEP4 x $5$20
OCT(3 x $5) + (12 x $5)$75
NOV(2 x $5) + (12 x $5)$70
DEC(1 x $5) + (12 x $5)$65