Planning a trip to Samoa? Here is what to expect

When it’s time for the next vacation, many people are thrilled by the mention of great cities like Hong Kong, Paris, and London. How about having the next holiday in a natural place with amazing adventures? Samoa Island has such breathtaking scenery and friendly culture, yet you don’t dig so much in your pocket to experience the natural beauty and genuine hospitality. 

Located in the middle of the Pacific, Samoa is at the center of North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, making it an ideal destination for many. You can Travel to Samoa as a family, solo-tour, or as a friend’s crew. Also, it’s a perfect place to share romance, think about a honeymoon or wedding. Whatever option you choose, you are going to like it. 

What to expect

While we can’t exhaust all the good things you will love about Samoa, here 4 worthy reasons to go for a family trip or vacation in Samoa. 

  1. Sandy beaches

Being an island means that there are so many beaches in Samoa. Travel to Samoa and get to experience the sun-dappled beaches in the unique tropical paradise. Upolu and Savai’i harbor some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Get the best beaches between July and September, during which there are warm temperatures, calmer seas, and reduced humidity. Some of the fantastic beaches to visit are Aganoa, Tafa Tafa, Lefaga, Manese, and Lalomanu. Swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and view the beautiful lagoons for the whole day. 

  1. Samoan Food

If you love food, then you will also enjoy Samoa’s sumptuous cuisine. Precious dishes such as Palusami, oka, palolo, and Umu are worth your try. You will, for sure, enjoy any of these dishes.

While in the streets, there are a variety of markets such as Apia’s market or Fugalei markets and other food spots that you can grab a drink or meal. Enjoy seafood, coconut juice, pawpaw juice for as low $1. There are also many vegetables and fruits in the markets. 

  1. Alofaaga

These are spectacular blowholes that eject water upwards by nearly 100 feet. If you remember the volcanic formations, these blowholes occurred due to the lava flows that connect underground in different layers, and they open up in a clifftop. Waves hit the rocks at the bottom end, sending water inside the blowholes, and they subsequently eject it into the air. For fun, locals put coconuts in the holes for them to be blown in the air.

  1. Accommodation in a fale

Experience the Samoan way of life by spending the night under a thatched roof and wooden poles in the walls. Such accommodation spots include the lalomanu and Salamamu beaches. The best thing is that the budget for this kings-accommodation is cheap. 


There are many more incredible things to expect in Samoa that we cannot exhaust -the Waterfalls, the culture, To Sua Ocean trench, and many more. The only way to experience real Samoa is by traveling there.

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