Welcome to the where you can explore the wonderful world of the MultiValue Database, or, as Money Magazine (?) once called it, “The best-kept secret in the computer industry”.

The development of this site was prompted by the apparent non-existence of a general purpose, non-commercial site on the internet that deals with MultiValue databases, both for those who are familiar with them and for those who wish to find out (more) about them.

When those of us who know the MultiValue database tell other computer people that this is what we work with, we are invariably asked by them “What’s that?”, or are told “Never heard of it!”, or hear a polite “Oh.” followed by a change of subject. So now when this happens, we’ll be able to direct them to this site, where they’ll hopefully find all they need to know to get started and, who knows, maybe even end up as a member of the MultiValue community.

This site is intended for those who

These pages were started in November 1998 by Mike Ganz of Bespoke Utility Systems, who is a fervent supporter of the MultiValue database model, with the purpose of providing the internet community with some answers to oft-asked questions like: “What is Pick?”
 “What are MultiValue databases?”
 “What is the 4NF database model?”
 “How does it compare to other database management systems?”
 “Does it work on PC’s?”
The development of this site will be an ongoing effort. Contributions, suggestions, and offers of participation will be gladly considered and, if incorporated, duly acknowledged. Most of the individual pages will start off as a skeleton outline of what they should or could contain, and from there on be fleshed out with your contributions.This is basically an independent, non-commercial, non-profit site that is maintained voluntarily as a service to the MultiValue community. To cover the expenses of setting it up and keeping it going, vendors are invited to sponsor this effort by having their logo linking to their site displayed here for a small charge.I hope you find this site useful, and that it provides you with the information you want. Sorry about the long URL, but all the “good” ones were already taken. Enjoy your visit, thank you for your sponsorship, and please contribute anything you think is relevant.Best regards to all,
Mike Ganz.