Malaysia Travel Attractions

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country and that means that Ramadan is mostly practiced. Although that doesn’t really affect your trip, it is important to pay attention to a few things. If you are traveling to Malaysia during Ramadan, it is worth knowing that during the fasting season, some restaurants and street internships may not be open. Of course, whenever you travel to Malaysia, it is important to respect local customs and conventions. It’s also worth noting that as Ramadan approaches, there may be a bit more activity in some parts of the country.

Malaysia is truly an idyllic tourist destination and always welcomes its tourists with open arms. Great beaches, green mountain resorts, historic and modern cities, great mosques and historical monuments easily facilitate a happy vacation. Some of the top sightseeing tours with a Malaysia excursion with some packages are listed below:


When you travel to Malaysia, you are sure to find some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in Southeast Asia. If you want to travel to Malaysia for its food, wildlife culture, no trip would be complete without a little Malaysian beach time. What else could you ask for? If you are a water baby and diving is your thing, you might want to think about joining a trip to Borneo on your trips to Malaysia. With a fascinating underwater world of vibrant corals and marine life, Sipadan Reef is a true paradise for divers.


I must say that Malaysian cuisine is one of the best in Asia simply because it is so varied. It includes a melting pot of Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes, not to mention their own local dishes. Nyonya’s cuisine is typically Malay and has a unique combination of Chinese and Malaysian with sweet, sour, warm and spicy flavors.

You want a little bit If you are traveling to Malaysia for meals, you should definitely visit Penang; largely regarded as the culinary capital of the country.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland is truly a piece of heaven in this country. The city of Green Hill is really worth visiting and exploring with any Malaysia tour. The hilltop landscapes, attractive lakes, and lush green surroundings truly attract visitors from all over the world for a vacation of ecstatic pleasure. Green hills, sprawling tea gardens, misty valley, and emerald green parks easily attract visitors for their happy holidays. The cool weather conditions and the beautiful accommodations along with the views are wonders that will overwhelm a magical spell during your visit to Cameroon with some Malaysia travel packages set up by a top-notch travel agent. Some of the main tourist activities and activities that visitors love and enjoy here are the waterways, the jungle walk, the Malaysian tea industry, the exotic flora and fauna.

If wildlife is more your thing, then you can really get a taste of the jungle if you head to Borneo; home of the Bako and Gunung Mulu National Park. Grab a jar with a jungle under green hemp and see proboscis monkeys, discover Mulu’s flaming bats in the heart of the rainforest, or visit orangutans in downtown Sepilok.

Besides these, there are many exceptional sights and destinations that are worth…

Have Fun In Macau!

Macau is a small and the most densely populated autonomous territory of China whose tourism industry is very remarkable. Although officially, it is part of China, it has its own government, currency and immigration policy. Its official name is Macao Special Administrative Region. The world knows this place as Las Vegas of the East because of its booming gambling industry. In fact world-wide, they earn the largest revenue from gambling. Along with the gambling industry, rose its tourism. Hence, it became a “resort city” and a top destination for gambling tourism. Just a fun fact, this place was previously colonized by the Portuguese Empire. That is why you will see a lot of cultural mix between Chinese and Portuguese from food to places.

Before sharing you the places to go and food to eat in Macau. Some tips might be worth your while. People of Macau speak Cantonese and Portuguese, their currency is Marcanese pataca or MOP, but establishments also accept Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) for 1MOP:1HKD. If you have foreign currency, you can easily exchange for it in MOP or HKD. There are lots of money changers along Senado Square. Establishments mostly accepts cash, but there are also lots who take card transactions. Its best if you visit Macau from October to December, autumn. This is the most comfortable weather without threats of typhoon. You can also go there during January and February but it can be colder during those periods. Going to Macau is easy, they have Macau International Airport where you can book a flight directly, but most people pass by Hong Kong too, to do some tours or take a whole trip separately. Then they go to Macau from the Hong Kong ports by ferry.

Because Macau is small, as much as you can, try to tour the places by walking. In fact, the interesting places are mostly walking distance. On the places to visit, you should check out sights of Macao World Heritage like A-Ma Temple, that exited even before Macao was established. Senado Square a UNESCO Heritage place which is also their urban center for centuries. Until now, they still hold big event here. Around Senado Square are so many establishments, churches, museums and food stalls that you can also check out. I would recommend to try their egg tart, it actually is a Portuguese influenced snack in Macau. You can also visit Ruins of St. Paul’s. it is originally the Church of Mater Dei in the 1600’s but it caught fire in 1835. Try visiting their defense structures like Section of the Old City Walls and Mount Fortress. The walls are early Portuguese tradition which they usually built around port settlements and the fortress is where their canons, barracks, wells and arsenals that held ammunition and supplies lasting for two years. See the diversity in their community, visit the Protestant Cemetery, near Casa Garden. This is the place where prominent personalities back then were buried, and a place where you can also see comprehensive record of the earliest Protestant community in Macau. 

Of course, you are not coming to Macau for only their history. You also need to check out or may be place some in their casinos. They have Four Seasons Hotel, Wynn Macau, Altira Macau, City of Dreams, Galaxy Hotel Cotai, Grand Hyatt and a lot more! All these are hotels you can check in to, with casinos you can play in. For the food, I have mentioned earlier, their Portuguese Egg Tarts, Pork Chop Bun, Dim Sum, Almond Cookies, Steamed Milk Pudding, Meat Jerkies, Street Food Skewers and a lot more! You will find out if you walk around. Just remember, the place where the queue is full, the food is most likely good.…

Amazing Singapore Vacation

People all over the world are looking for Singapore packages and are planning their Singapore vacation. Vacationing here means having a good time with your family and friends.

Vacation to Singapore

Every year thousands of people plan their Singapore holidays to see and experience this legendary and hypnotic Asian city. This is a city where a unique combination of modernity and traditional elements share the same place. While the skyscrapers and underground images represent a modern and rich city, ancient temples, influences from Chinese, Indian and Malay culture and various traditions make Singapore a country. With a year around tropical climate, mouth watering delicious food, good shopping options and a lively dining scene, this Garden City is a great vacation destination. Due to the popularity of the Singapore destination, the market is flooded with Singapore vacation packages and even Singapore budget packages.

One of the best places in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo. Animal lovers should not miss out on this unique experience and should include it in their Singapore tour package. Another equally attractive place is Jurong Bird Park. More than 9000 species of birds live in this park. You can hear various types of birds crawling during the day. The melodic sound can be disgusting. This park is one of the most incredible and largest in South Asia. Bird lovers should include a site visit in their Singapore tour package.

Singapore also has another distinctive achievement. Host the only night race on the Formula One calendar. Formula One cars circle the ivory circuit at full throttle. The experience of viewing formula one under artificial lighting will please any formula fan. That is why a weekend formula should be included in your packages to Singapore. The marine golf course is also home to world-famous hotels. If you want to experience Formula 1 to the fullest, it is good that you stay in the hotel circuit, since it offers the best view of the area. The hotel and the race ticket must be purchased as part of your Singapore tour package. Singapore also has one of the best nightclubs in Asia; one can dance to the tune as long as they are open all day. A visit to a local nightclub is a must on your Singapore tour package. You can easily find suitable packages to Singapore.

Time for Singapore vacation.

Singapore is a year round vacation destination. Being close to the equator, the climate from here is hot and humid all year round with short rains almost daily. Singapore vacation packages are also available every year. The Chinese New Year parades take place in February, while the Hindu Festival of Lights is celebrated in November. During this time, planning a Singapore vacation is a better idea. Also remember, getting the best deals on Singapore packages this time can be difficult. So plan your vacation in advance.

Best people for Singapore vacation.

Holidays in Singapore are for all groups and interests. Anyone who wants a vacation in a nice city will enjoy a vacation in Singapore. Also, a Singapore vacation simply attracts serious traders, with its large stores and competitive prices. This city will please anyone who likes to taste delicious delicacies. Family members, individual travelers, groups of friends, and anyone who is looking forward to an exciting vacation can plan a Singapore vacation.

Finally, Singapore is a great vacation destination. So, just search for Singapore vacation packages and simply be here for some of the best times of your life.…

Planning a trip to Samoa? Here is what to expect

When it’s time for the next vacation, many people are thrilled by the mention of great cities like Hong Kong, Paris, and London. How about having the next holiday in a natural place with amazing adventures? Samoa Island has such breathtaking scenery and friendly culture, yet you don’t dig so much in your pocket to experience the natural beauty and genuine hospitality. 

Located in the middle of the Pacific, Samoa is at the center of North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, making it an ideal destination for many. You can Travel to Samoa as a family, solo-tour, or as a friend’s crew. Also, it’s a perfect place to share romance, think about a honeymoon or wedding. Whatever option you choose, you are going to like it. 

What to expect

While we can’t exhaust all the good things you will love about Samoa, here 4 worthy reasons to go for a family trip or vacation in Samoa. 

  1. Sandy beaches

Being an island means that there are so many beaches in Samoa. Travel to Samoa and get to experience the sun-dappled beaches in the unique tropical paradise. Upolu and Savai’i harbor some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Get the best beaches between July and September, during which there are warm temperatures, calmer seas, and reduced humidity. Some of the fantastic beaches to visit are Aganoa, Tafa Tafa, Lefaga, Manese, and Lalomanu. Swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and view the beautiful lagoons for the whole day. 

  1. Samoan Food

If you love food, then you will also enjoy Samoa’s sumptuous cuisine. Precious dishes such as Palusami, oka, palolo, and Umu are worth your try. You will, for sure, enjoy any of these dishes.

While in the streets, there are a variety of markets such as Apia’s market or Fugalei markets and other food spots that you can grab a drink or meal. Enjoy seafood, coconut juice, pawpaw juice for as low $1. There are also many vegetables and fruits in the markets. 

  1. Alofaaga

These are spectacular blowholes that eject water upwards by nearly 100 feet. If you remember the volcanic formations, these blowholes occurred due to the lava flows that connect underground in different layers, and they open up in a clifftop. Waves hit the rocks at the bottom end, sending water inside the blowholes, and they subsequently eject it into the air. For fun, locals put coconuts in the holes for them to be blown in the air.

  1. Accommodation in a fale

Experience the Samoan way of life by spending the night under a thatched roof and wooden poles in the walls. Such accommodation spots include the lalomanu and Salamamu beaches. The best thing is that the budget for this kings-accommodation is cheap. 


There are many more incredible things to expect in Samoa that we cannot exhaust -the Waterfalls, the culture, To Sua Ocean trench, and many more. The only way to experience real Samoa is by traveling there.