Ask the experts

Inquiries have revealed that a fair number of people, especially “newbies”, are reticent about posting their questions to the comp.databases.pick newsgroup (often because they think their queries might be deemed silly or trivial) and so this is a good way to give them the “first aid” they need.

If you’d like to contact an expert please consider the following before doing so:

  • Is it plugged in? (We always have to at least ask that question!)
  • Did you check the manual(s)? Be sure to blow the dust off first!
  • Have you tried to contact your VAR/Dealer?
  • Have you tried to contact the MV vendor?
  • Did you not want to post it in the comp.databases.pick newsgroup?

Remember, the experts are volunteering to help in their usually limited free time, so they may not be able to get back to you with an answer immediately. And as a courtesy to the expert, please use your real name and not an alias!The experts in turn are free to post any questions they deem worthy of broader coverage to the newsgroup, maintaining the originator’s anonymity by prefacing the posting with something like “Someone asked …”. This way more people get to see both the question and reply, and maybe learn from it or post their own reply to it.The Experts Count Darling BudgeText : Piclan-IP web coding, mv.Base and general MV topics.

 Dave Weaver VAR/Consultant/Reseller: Full service MultiValue company, Weaver Consulting. New and used hardware, programming, training, analysis, disaster recovery, consulting, 100+ MultiValue utilities, AccuTerm Master Distributor, and more. Since 1988.

 David Ruggiero Independent Consultant: Programming efficiency, large system /database design and administration, operating system internals, file and index design, virtual assembler language programming, file sizing algorithms. Best knowledge is of D3, mvEnterprise, and Universe. Founder of comp.databases.pick newsgroup; maintains group charter.

 Douglas Tatelman Consultant

 Glen Batchelor : FlashConnect, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, BASIC, Visual Basic, PickBASIC, C, barcoding, Linux, and file structuring/application design & theory.

 Gregory M. Amov Consultant : AP/D3.

 Jackie Burhans Ardent Software, Inc. : UniData and Prime Information.

 Jeff Goulden Consultant : Business Applications, File Design, UniVerse, WaveLink Wireless, Basic, Access.

 Jerry Robinson Consultant

 Joseba Real de Asua Consultant (English and Spanish)

 Kevin King Precision Solutions : SB+, BASIC, Access, Proc, C, C++, International Issues.

 Kevin Marshall Technical Resource Group, Inc. : Pick Systems, Database Design, Hardware/Network Designs, Microsoft NT.

 Luke Webber Consultant : jBASE, Pick BASIC, serial comms, Berkely sockets and Winsock comms, Unix, Windows, Java, Delphi, C and Web techniques.

 Malcolm Bull Author, Trainer & Consultant: Basic programming, Access & other query languages, Correlatives, Procs, File design, general Advanced Pick, D3 & MultiValue topics.

 Mark PickWe are not sure where Mark is these days! Give him a bump and find out.

 Martin Taylor 

 Michael Spencer Connectability Inc.

 Nathan Rector Natec Systems : VBA (Visual basic for Applications), Visual Basic, AP/D3, mvControls and WinLink

 Steven F. Jeffords Consultant : PICK (R83, AP, D3) including BASIC, Recall, Correlatives, file sizing & structuring, Runoff, Procs, extensive experience in writing business applications, radio frequency bar coding applications, EDI applications.

 Terry Turzynski Author of Visual e, (ScanNet Systems Corp). Certified in Production and Inventory Management. Has designed many manufacturing application modules, e.g., Master Production Scheduling, Finite Scheduling Order Entry Product Configuration, Bill of Material and other associated systems. Well versed in MultiValue system design.

 Thomas Zogg Consultant / Thomas Zogg & Associates, Inc. : UniVerse, UniData, Basic, SB+, conceptional design.

ADD YOUR NAME TO THIS LIST — JUST CONTACT THE WEB AUTHOR.And finally, when an expert does reply to your question, a quick “Thank you” is always appreciated – one shouldn’t have to say this, of course, but people sometimes forget …